About Us

A Few Words About Us

Staff of Life Publications was established in 1970 for the purpose of publishing and promoting Scriptural, singable, sacred "Music With A Message," in a conservative musical setting. With limited resources and limited time we have distributed over one and one-half million copies of music (mostly choral) since that time. Today we have over 300 titles and all are still available. In fact, we constantly have calls for older titles. In addition to choral and solo music, we have an Easter book, "Christ is Risen," a book on the second coming of Christ entitled " He's Coming Again," and a Patriotic Musical, "Rise Up America." We also have several tapes of our own music and tapes by other Christian publishers. In addition, we have trumpet trio parts for most of our songs and full orchestration for many of our songs.

Our ministry is geared to help small and medium-size churches and choirs. However, we have a good number of choral selections (fully orchestrated) that could be used by any large choir. We have several outstanding musicians who write and arrange for us from time to time, as well as some writers who are just getting started. Our Music Editor is Dr. Lloyd Smith, who is our main writer, and who has been writing and arranging music for many years. He has been greatly influenced by some of the outstanding musicians of the recent past including, Rudy Atwood, Alfred B. Smith, Dr. John W. Peterson, Charles Weigle, Howard Jewell, Mrs. Fred Brown, Ray Hart, and Bruce Lackey. Outstanding musicians of our day who have had great influence on him are: Harold DeCou, Dr. Don Scovill, and Mrs. J. R. Faulkner.

We invite you to look over our musical selections on this website. You may place an order or request additional information by contacting Staff of Life Publications at the address, phone number, or e-mail shown on our home page.